Bitcoin Profit: Scam or Legit? The Truth Revealed!

Bitcoin Profit Review

Bitcoin Profit

Although there are plenty of remarkable trading bots available in the market, there are also those that are called scam bots. Finding a legit and safe trading bot is not that easy, but we stumbled on one that is rumored to be highly profitable and has plenty of safety features available.

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Bitcoin Profit review

The Bitcoin Profit is a trading bot that is reported to yield profit up to $1,500 a day. This is possible due to the high accuracy of this trading bot, which is tested to be as high as 92%. It means that it can only miscalculate a single time every 10 trades.

The complex and innovative algorithm that is used in its program is the one responsible for this high level of profitability. The developer, James Mayers said that his team also uses real trading strategies that are formulated by expert traders and integrates it in the software so that the Bitcoin Profit can apply it in the bitcoin market. This technique enables for a price prediction capability of the Bitcoin Profit as it is reported to be 0.01 sec ahead of the market movement.

Basically, this trading bot can act immediately before the prices of assets in the market change, being able to buy or sell bitcoin in a very efficient and accurate way.

Bitcoin Profit Profit Loss Risk

Innovative Features

  • High Accuracy

The Bitcoin Profit has one of the highest accuracy rates in every trading bot that’s available in the market. The 92% winning rate allows for a daily profit of $1500. This accuracy rate makes the Bitcoin Profit a very reliable trading bot, as profit is assured in 9 out of 10 trades that you engage in. Even veteran traders that have a long experience in trading can’t achieve this level of accuracy.

  • Security Features and Verification Systems

Unlike most trading bots on the market that are very vulnerable to hacking and identity theft due to the lack of security protocols. However, the Bitcoin Profit developers highly emphasize the security of their users. The web trader uses SSL technology to fully reinforced their user’s information database, avoiding the risk of tampering and identity theft.

  • Efficient Software

The Bitcoin Profit is able to process past market data and current market status accurately and efficiently. This is caused by the unique algorithm that is based on real forex and stock exchange trading strategies that the developers integrated on the software itself. This enables the Bitcoin Profit to predict the future market prices, then allows the software to quickly buy and sell assets that it sees to be highly profitable.

  • Discreet and Safe Transactions

All transactions with the Bitcoin Profit are very quick but safe. This is due to the encryption of every transaction that is done with the software. The Bitcoin Profit allows for an anonymous approach to bitcoin trading. Traders can be assured of the secrecy of every transaction. Anonymity is a necessity in bitcoin trading as the trader is exposed to the various ill-willed parties that lurk in every trading platform.

Unauthorized access and tampering is very prominent in the market and everyone is likely to be a victim. The Bitcoin Profit, however, provides assurance and peace of mind for its users using encryption technology.

  • Easy Withdrawals

Other trading bot’s transactions can take up to a few weeks in order for withdrawals to settle. But the Bitcoin Profit only takes less than 48 hours for your withdrawals to reflect in your bank account. This includes the verifications that are required in every withdrawal transaction.

The Bitcoin Profit also doesn’t require a minimum balance, meaning that you can withdraw every penny that you earned including the initial deposit of $250. The platform does not limit its users and ensures that they have freedom for their money and including all of their investment.

  • Free Software and Cheap Fees

 Another remarkable feat of the Bitcoin Profit is that it doesn’t require subscriptions and other hidden fees. All you need to do to trade with the software is an account and a deposit of $250 for an initial investment. Other more famous trading bots can cost up to $1000 for monthly subscriptions while the Bitcoin Profit only charges as low as 1% of the profit that you make every transaction.

  • Simple Yet Innovative Interface

 Bitcoin Profit software has a very straightforward app design. All the needed features are just a few clicks away. The app also has its own user guide for those first-timers in trading bots. The trading window has a very intuitive display of the current market status making it easily understandable for any user.

And since the Bitcoin profit has an Auto-Trade feature, even new traders can use it with ease and peace of mind. The parameters can also be adjusted manually so that any strategy that the trader wants to use can be implemented efficiently. The software also has a stop-loss feature that can be used to lessen the risk of losing high amounts of money on unprecedented market price fluctuations.

  • Highly-Acclaimed Software

The Bitcoin Profit was just recently introduced in the market but it has already gained enough traction and trust from plenty of users worldwide. Their website has several testimonials from their users all claiming that the Bitcoin Profit has helped them greatly in engaging the bitcoin market even if they are just new to the market.

There are also other long-time traders who switch to Bitcoin Profit because this software can yield more profit than their previous trading bot. There is also other Bitcoin Profit review that has the same result as ours upon testing the software themselves. There are already reported users who earn up to $14,000 monthly after using the software.

Bitcoin Profit features

Is the Bitcoin Profit fraud or Real?

According to some test results and various claims by other users and Bitcoin Profit review, the program is very much LEGIT. First, is that the reported high profitability of this software is made possible by the design of the app itself.

Different algorithms are long been used to create forex trading bots, and it really boosts the performance of the said software. Added with real-life strategies, the Bitcoin Profit software has a more powerful and efficient app compared to typical trading bots. The second reason is that the developers greatly prioritize the security and anonymity of their users. Scam bots typically do not require verification in their transactions because their purpose is to steal money to victims. However, it has integrity that they maintain and the developers always make sure that their name and brand won’t be tarnished. The third and final reason is the fact that it has a Demo Mode.

Once you’ve tried the Demo Mode, you can tell for yourself if the Bitcoin Profit is trustworthy enough for you to spend your money on it. There may be some Bitcoin Profit fraud reviews that you may stumble upon on the internet but for us, those are just dirty marketing strategies to minimize the trust rating of the it. The Demo Mode and the software itself is free so the best way to verify all the claims is to try the software yourself.

Who can use it?

Anyone can use Bitcoin Profit. The software itself is developed to cater to both pro and rookie traders. The software has an Auto-Trade feature that allows even those with minimal knowledge of crypto trading to trade effortlessly. The built-in guide also helps those that have no experience in using trading bots. Since the Bitcoin Profit software app trade with the prices of bitcoin and not the crypto itself, there is no need for complicated procedures just to acquire a digital wallet. All you need to do is to create an account on their website and you can trade with the Bitcoin Profit immediately.

How to create account?

The Bitcoin Profit website offers an easy way of creating an account. Just follow these few steps and you’re ready to go.

>> Register at the Official Bitcoin Profit website

Step 1. Fill in your information

After going to their website, you will see a form already provided on the right side of the page. The information that they require is your name, email address, and mobile number. Then you will need to present identification for security reasons. Take note that they don’t require unneeded information like bills and other banking histories, just the vital information for verification and safety.

They also don’t disclose any information that their users provide so you don’t have to worry about your personal data. Their database is secured so you can trade with the Bitcoin Profit app worry-free.

Step 2. Demo Mode

They will have to verify your information first before you can proceed to deposit your initial investment. While waiting, you can test their Demo Mode. This feature is advisable for new traders in order for them to familiarize themselves with the Bitcoin Profit trading app. All data and graphs that are shown in the Demo Mode are real-time for a more immersive feel to it. Take note of all the data that are presented in the Demo Mode as you will stumble upon them when you proceed to Live Trading.

Step 3. Deposit your investment

After verification, you will be brought to the payment window. Although the Bitcoin Profit is free, you will have to deposit at least $250 for your first capital. They accept several types of payment methods such as VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, MerchantPay, GiroPay, and SafePay. The broker that is linked to you will confirm if your deposit is successful. After verification, you can now proceed to the last step which is the Live Trading.

Step 4. Live Trading

Bitcoin Profit trading window

Live Trading is the real thing and there is a possibility of losing money. The right thing to do is to just use the Bitcoin Profit on default if you’re a new trader. The Bitcoin Profit has an Auto-Trade feature that allows for automated actions by the trading bot, including market analysis, buying and selling assets.

However, veteran traders that have already used trading bots before can adjust all the parameters depending on the strategy that they want to use. If you’re just new to the trading, my tip is to just trade with the minimum amount required.

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Bitcoin Profit vs Other Trading Bots

This Bitcoin Profit review aims to elaborate on all of the aspects of this popular trading bot. We tried to compare this trading bot with other available bots in the market. Here are the results:

Bitcoin Profit 

Other Trading Bots
Free softwareHas subscription fees up to $1000 per month
Fees as low as 1%Fees up to 10%, some has hidden charges
Accuracy as high as 92% ( tested result )Below 70% accuracy ( tested result )
Encrypted transactionsTransactions are unsafe, not encrypted
ASL for website securityNo security protocols for their database, websites can be easily breached
Has a Demo ModeNo Demo Mode, payment first before you can try the software
Easy to UseInterface are complex, some have bugs
Trusted softwareSome are reported to be SCAM, some have low performance ratings
Fast withdrawals, money is deposited to your bank account in less than 48 hoursWithdrawals may take up to 1 week or more

What Do Celebrities Say About the Bitcoin Profit?

Currently, we found no interview or T.V. show that mentions or endorses the Bitcoin Profit but there are many celebrities and famous people who are optimistic about trading with Bitcoins. Elon Musk and Bill Gates themselves have positive remarks on Bitcoins. Some celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashton Kutcher and Pitbull have already invested in Bitcoins.

We may have not found any evidence of celebrities that endorse the Bitcoin Profit but we found some of their user’s testimonials.

man in glasses using laptop Charles W. from Boston said that he hesitated to invest in Bitcoin at first since when he heard it way back in 2014. But after trying Bitcoin Profit, he now believes in the market. He claims to earn about $14,000 monthly and is very active in his account.
woman sittingCindy H. from Sacramento said that she first heard about Bitcoin from her boyfriend when she visits him at a college. That was the time when her boyfriend introduced the Bitcoin Profit to her. Since then she has achieved financial freedom she said.
man in glasses Craig D. from Monticello said that since 2019, Bitcoin has been his obsession. He already tested several trading bots since he started investing in Bitcoin in 2014. He said that the convenience of the Bitcoin Profit is the thing that he loved the most. He also added that it has unrivaled accuracy and the software is easy-to-use.


After this Bitcoin Profit review, we can now answer the question, “Is the Bitcoin Profit fraud or real?”. The answer we give is that the Bitcoin Profit is pretty much LEGIT. No doubt that this trading software is trustworthy and the features can further prove it. There are many trading bots in the market but the way that the Bitcoin Profit is made is very unique. This is the first trading bot we reviewed that uses real-life trading strategies in its algorithms, increasing its computing power to above average when compared to most trading bots.

The software is free, meaning that any rookie traders can start trading bitcoins with just the minimum investment of $250 in their accounts. The security protocols of the Bitcoin Profit also assure their users a safer and anonymous way of trading. Safety is one of the priorities of the Bitcoin Profit’s developers and they always make sure that their users can trade without worries. If you are still thinking twice about it, remember that you can always try it yourself. 


Are there risks?

The only risk involved when you used the Bitcoin Profit is the possibility of other people to access your account personally through your computer. Try using uppercase characters and numbers on the password. Also refrain from using personal information like your passwords like your birthday or birthplace, as this type of information is easy to know.

What trading strategies to use?

Both short-term and long-term strategies can be used with the Bitcoin Profit. You can use the software to search for profitable assets to the scalp. You can also use the Bitcoin Profit to hold positions for a long time.

What other cryptos can the Bitcoin Profit trade?

The Bitcoin Profit can be used to trade with Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple.

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